Best Practice: Quality & Performance Program

One of our core businesses and best practices is the Quality and Performance Program for youth academies. Based on an evaluation the participants rated the program 8.1 out of 10.

Developing effective youth systems

Our Quality and Performance Program can help your country developing effective youth systems. The Quality & Performance Program for youth academies will help your country:

  • To provide a long term quality framework for developing youth academies.
  • To raise standards in developing home grown players for first teams.
  • To provide insight in the quality of youth academies in your country.
  • To give clubs the opportunity to obtain an association approved quality certificate.
  • To provide clubs with customized feedback and advice through audits, expert meetings and -evaluations.
The main principles of the program
  • There’s no exact blueprint for talent development; the program provides flexibility for clubs to choose their own player pathway.
  • The program recognizes the connection between vision & strategy, execution and performance of a youth academy.
  • There’s a strong focus on development & improvement process in this program instead of focussing on reaching the highest certificate.
Football Pyramid
Youth academies can position themselves in the football pyramid by obtaining a certificate on one of the four levels. Each level contains minimum requirements in twelve different quality domains which are evaluated during an extensive audit.

Quality Domains
Twelve different quality domains have been determined. Each domain contains minmum requirements which are customized for a specific country

pyramid.jpgQuality Domains
Development of program
The Quality & Performance Program is custommade for each association. The following timeframe gives an indication of the development process.
Process for clubs
After that the Quality & Performance Program will be executed within clubs.

 Process Clubs-def

If you would like to know more about the Quality & Performance Program or are curious about our other activities, feel free to contact us.